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The consequences of a conviction for any type of crime can have lifelong effects on individuals, as well as their families and loved ones. Beyond incarceration and the costs of fines and restitution, a conviction can cause people to lose professional licensing, bar them from job opportunities, limit their housing options, and much more. If you are under investigation for a criminal offense or are facing charges, do not wait to retain an experienced attorney. The counsel and advocacy of a trusted lawyer are vital at every step of the criminal process. 

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The Denver criminal defense attorneys at J.Y. Kang PC and Buckmelter Law, LLC are both former deputy district attorneys and criminal law specialists. With their decades of experience on both sides of the courtroom, they skillfully advocate for clients facing an array of charges. They take on cases involving DUI, domestic violence, human trafficking and prostitution, white-collar offenses, theft, drug crimes, and violent crimes. To find out what Attorney J.Y. Kang or Attorney Vince Buckmelter can offer you, schedule a free consultation today. 


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Denver Criminal & Injury Attorneys has a unique approach. We are two separate law firms with one goal in mind: getting you the justice you deserve.

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Arrested in Colorado? Take These Steps. 

Individuals who have been arrested ought to protect their rights and avoid making choices that could jeopardize their defense. 

To do so, there are five steps to take:

  1. Remain calm and avoid any aggressive behavior during the arrest. Being uncooperative or argumentative could lead to additional charges. 
  2. As soon as possible, ask for an attorney. 
  3. Provide law enforcement and court officials with basic information such as an address, name, and birth date but avoid disclosing other things without first consulting with a lawyer. 
  4. Discuss charges with a lawyer. They can provide information about the potential penalties and how to move ahead in the criminal process. 
  5. Follow all legal procedures. Attend court hearings and adhere to any conditions of release. 

The stakes of criminal cases are high, but this is not a reason to lose hope. There are many effective defenses that the attorneys at J.Y. Kang PC and Buckmelter Law, LLC have used to combat their clients’ charges. To read about these successes, visit our case results page.

What A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do For You

A criminal defense attorney plays a crucial role in representing individuals who have been accused of criminal offenses. Their primary objective is to protect the rights and interests of their clients throughout the legal process.

Here's what a criminal defense attorney can do for you:

  • Legal Advice: A defense attorney provides you with legal advice tailored to your specific case, explaining the charges against you, the potential consequences, and your rights under the law.
  • Case Assessment: They thoroughly review the evidence against you, including police reports, witness statements, and any other pertinent information to assess the strength and weaknesses of the prosecution's case.
  • Developing a Defense Strategy: Based on the assessment, they develop a defense strategy. This may involve challenging the evidence, questioning the legality of searches and seizures, or raising legal defenses relevant to your case.
  • Negotiating with Prosecutors: Defense attorneys can engage in plea negotiations with the prosecutor. This may result in reduced charges, a plea agreement, or other favorable terms that could lessen the penalties you face.
  • Representing You in Court: If your case goes to trial, your attorney will represent you in court. They will present evidence, cross-examine witnesses, make legal arguments, and advocate for your rights and interests.
  • Expert Witnesses: Defense attorneys can call upon expert witnesses to testify on your behalf, such as forensic experts, medical professionals, or others who can provide insight into the evidence and strengthen your case.
  • Protection of Rights: Your attorney ensures that your constitutional rights are protected throughout the legal process, including making sure evidence was obtained legally and that you were not subject to unlawful searches or seizures.
  • Legal Knowledge: Defense attorneys have a deep understanding of the law and legal procedures, which is essential in building an effective defense.
  • Minimizing Penalties: If you are convicted, your attorney will work to minimize the penalties you face, such as fines, jail time, probation, or mandatory treatment programs.
  • Emotional Support: Facing criminal charges can be emotionally challenging. A defense attorney can provide support and guidance, helping you navigate the complexities of the legal system and reducing the stress associated with your case.
  • Investigation: Defense attorneys can investigate the case further, including interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and identifying potential witnesses who can help your case.
  • Local Knowledge: An experienced defense attorney often has a deep knowledge of local laws, courts, prosecutors, and judges, which can be beneficial in building a strong defense.
  • Post-Conviction Services: If you are convicted, a defense attorney can assist with post-conviction matters such as appeals, sentence modifications, or other legal actions to address the outcome of your case.

It's important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are facing criminal charges, as their expertise can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Your attorney will work to protect your rights, build a strong defense, and provide you with the best possible legal representation throughout the legal process.

Consult with Our Office’s Attorneys

At our office, we house J.Y. Kang PC and Buckmelter Law, LLC. The Denver criminal defense attorneys at these respective firms operate separately, but they often collaborate when it serves the best interests of a client. 

Attorney Vince Buckmelter and Attorney J.Y. Kang offer free consultations. You can participate in these either virtually or in-person. This makes it convenient to take the first step toward getting the representation you need. 

Call (303) 223-3762 or reach out to our office online.

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Case Results

  • Not Guilty Felony Assault Jury Trial
  • Not Guilty DUI – 3rd Jury Trial
  • Not Guilty Domestic Violence Jury Trial
  • Charges Dismissed Felony Second Degree Assault
  • Charges Dismissed Felony Criminal Mischief and Trespass
  • Charges Dismissed Domestic Violence Assault Case

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